As the internet and social media is growing, companies should not only think about how to engage

How to create an emotional connection with them in a better way. This can be done using social media channels which are easier for users to interact with.

As internet and social media has progressed, so has marketing as a whole. This section is about the various techniques that companies use to market their products and services online.

The most popular techniques of marketing online are:

A marketing expert would consider a social media strategy as content strategy. The gap between the two is rather significant. In this section I will focus on the difference between the strategies, in order to highlight some of the key benefits of having an AI-based approach to marketing online.

CSS is one of the most used coding languages. It is used by both web developers and web designers for creating and modifying a website or web app. While HTML is used for writing web pages, CSS makes it possible to add style to elements on your webpage like text fonts, icons, pictures etc. In addition to that it also helps you define how these elements should look like when displayed on a browser’s screen (like mobile phones/tablets).